One of our unique features is our spacious porch. It provides the perfect setting for socially-distanced outdoor dining.

Great food, great drinks, and great friends have allowed us to create a lot of memories. Recently, we hosted an engagement party for a local couple. We were humbled when their family chose our porch to celebrate their milestone.

The party serves as an important reminder. We don’t just serve food and drinks. We serve as a place to create memories and bookmark the chapters of your life.

In the coming year, the world will reopen. The happy couple will embark on an amazing journey that will include many memories. Our team will always be honored and proud that they started it here with us.

While 2020/2021 has taken away a lot, it has given us a reminder that love still conquers all. And love is certainly in the air on the porch at The Henry Clay Inn®. It is the closest thing we have to magic.